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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy works with the individual to increase his/her functional independence and performance of daily activities through the use of therapeutic activities.  Skills addressed in O.T. are fine motor skills, core weakness, visual perceptual difficulties, poor handwriting, poor sensory processing abilities, activities of daily living (dressing, tooth brushing, feeding, etc.) and orthopedic problems.   While it may look like play to adults, play to a child is his or her job and the best method of learning.

Some of the abilities a therapist assesses during an evaluation are:

     *  Motor skills - posture, balance, stamina

     *  Fine motor skills - prewriting, handwriting, cutting, hand-  manipulation of items

     *  Play skills

     *  Sensory integration and reactions to various sensory stimuli

     *  Transitioning from one activity to another

     *  Attention to task

     *  Visual perceptual skills - colors, shapes, sizes

     *   Self-care skills - dressing, brushing teeth, toileting, grooming skills

     *  Behaviors - aggression, lack of involvement

     *  Interactions with others


This information was shared with The SPOT For Kids by a fellow COTA. 

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